Betting Tips for Newbies

Where to start?

It is clear that the willingness of someone to enter the world of sports betting is due to the interest and knowledge in a particular sport, league, team or athlete.

Therefore, when choosing a site to make your bets, it is good to see if your favorite modality receives due attention from the bookmaker.

In fact, it is a normal practice among bettors to register on more than one site to be able to select the best odds.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of soccer, volleyball, badminton or if your business is esports: there is a site that fits your profile to put your sports betting strategies into practice.

How to choose the ideal sports betting site

Tips for Newbies

Here, as in most of the choices we make on the Internet, reputation should be the first aspect to be taken into account. Therefore, opting for reliable sites with positive reviews is a wise decision.

As there are dozens of good online sportsbooks – just check our reviews and betting tips here at -, the ideal is to read our articles, see which sites fit your profile, which have the most attractive bonuses for your sports betting strategies and then sign up.

Know how to interpret the information

When you enter a betting site, it is normal to get lost with the mountain of information available. There are statistics, tables, comparisons, names, graphs … to know how to win in sports betting, it is necessary to understand what it all means, and how to take advantage of it.

Spread it over several bets

Still in this initial stage, don’t put your money on just one guess. Even if it is a low amount, mistakes happen, and starting by losing can make you insecure. Therefore, spread an amount over three or four bets, and the chance of winning will increase.

Basic planning

Managing your balance is fundamental. Once you make a deposit, plan how much you are willing to use per day or time. Don’t put the whole amount at once, and leave it to bet a little more after the outcomes of the first guesses, to know the profit margin of this first moment.

Study the game

Online Gambling

Follow the match predictions to find out who is better suited for the confrontation. You don’t need to worry about an in-depth study, but it is important not to make a guess totally in the dark. The best of all is that here at Shaftscore you already have the analysis of the main matches of the major leagues.

Leave the fan side behind

One of the betting tips that you can’t forget is not to play with passion. Whether you are a fan of Flamengo, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Manchester City, or Real Madrid. When it comes to betting, you have to forget the fans and make your guess according to the expected result.

An extra Tip – Don’t get discouraged

When you start betting, always remember that we are talking about something that is not an exact science. Stumbles happen, and that day might have been yours. Just keep your head up, prepare new hunches because profit can come as soon as the next day.

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