How are smartphones changing the online gaming industry?

Without a doubt, just like technology, the gaming industry is constantly evolving. A few decades ago, it was unimaginable to access casino games without a trip to the actual enterprises. The introduction of online gambling has changed the market – it is now possible to bet from anywhere and at any time with smartphones.

Smartphones have changed the online gambling industry forever!

Suppose you reside in Brazil, would you imagine how easy it would be to bet on the most famous casino modes without visiting a bookmaker in Las Vegas, USA? Almost impossible! But today, with your smartphone, you can enter a virtual casino, hear the clink of coins falling from slot machines, experience the thrill of roulette or live the adrenaline of the poker tables. 

Recent Changes in the Online Gaming Industry

online gaming industry

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the online gambling industry had already seen some notable changes. For example, most online casinos started promoting the online live dealership. Although when the live dealership was first introduced online, the acceptance was poor. More so, poor connections and timeouts between games were some challenges. But this has greatly improved with some changes, such as the ones noted below:

Introduction to mobile apps

Casino apps are gradually gaining ground in the online gaming industry. Besides the ease of access to casino games, apps are faster, and you can enjoy the game and all its features because they are optimized to offer the same gaming experience as your PC. In fact, the graphics and usability of the casino apps are fantastic and capable of offering an impressive gaming experience. 

More efficient online banking methods

The introduction of some “Mobile Payment” and receipt methods, such as Apple Pay, Pay by Phone, and others, has made a big difference. Withdrawal and deposit times are faster and more secure.

Virtual reality casinos

VRC (Virtual Reality Cube) is the latest innovation when it comes to online gambling. Many online casino platforms are adopting this new trend to create a next-generation VR experience. 

Blockchain Casinos

These casinos accept cryptocurrency. In addition, they are much more secure and players can remain anonymous most of the time.

New operational policies

Online Gaming

The most notable online gambling policy is the limitation of the amount a player can wager weekly, daily or monthly. Popular gaming markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Sweden, for example, have adopted new measures for online gaming. Many regulations have also been relaxed to accommodate online gaming, depending on the country and region, of course. Among the various opportunities, it seems that smartphones have also led to the relaxation of some gambling regulations.

Access to international platforms

Although gambling companies are banned in Brazil, the legislation does not reach virtual gaming and betting based on platforms established in foreign territories. The Internet and online gaming, including via smartphone, make it easier for casino gaming fans to access betting on their favorite modes. 

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