Protein powder vs bars vs natural

In our society, people have a strange perception of healthy food. Salads are widely accepted to be healthy, regardless of what they consist of. In reality, salads can be unhealthy, and snacks can be very healthy. In fact, protein bars are a prime example of a healthy snack. You can eat healthy even if you’re walking down a street and unwrapping your protein bar. The main thing is to be prepared and supply your body with all the necessary nutrients it needs to function. 

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Advantages of eating protein bars

People who don’t eat protein bars often hold certain stereotypes that may have once been true, but are currently false. For example, there is a misconception that all protein bars taste dull and unpleasant. That may have been true of some products in the past, but these days, there are many protein bars that taste wonderful. Manufacturers have realized the importance of flavor and made some great products. Protein bars often come in many different flavors, so you should be able to find the one you like.

The biggest advantage of having a protein bar is its convenience. If you’re someone who works out and needs a steady supply of proteins, you can’t afford to skip a meal. However, having a protein bar nearby solves that problem. You can eat one or two bars and your body will have plenty of building materials for muscles. You can do this while you are walking down the street.

Unlike protein powder, bars often contain other important nutrients like carbs and fats as well. You need these nutrients to get energy for the workout. Powders, on the other hand, provide only protein. You need to eat additional foods to make up for other macronutrients. This might not be a disadvantage for everyone, but for the sake of convenience, let’s say protein bars win in this regard. 

Advantages of Protein Powder

Protein Bars

In most cases, stirred protein powder is more easily digested by your body than a protein bar. If you need to urgently consume some protein, it’s better to go for protein powder. It will provide much needed supply of protein to your muscles. Also, if you calculate the cost per gram of protein, powder is a much better deal.

However, protein powders are more inconvenient to make, compared to bars, which are sold at supermarkets, pharmacies and at gyms. Carrying around a shake bottle is also much less convenient than carrying a protein bar.

Also, when it comes to the flavor of protein powder, your choices are limited. In general, it’s quite difficult to choose protein powder that satisfies your nutritional needs and tastes good. Those who get lucky have to try multiple different products until they find the one that works for them. Overall choice of flavors is usually more limited than it is for protein bars, as well. 

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